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Well you've heard all about her beauty hub Aspara, now learn a little more about the Mama behind the business Bec Gallagher.

Who inspires you? 

My mother. She ran her own business and worked 365 days a year while raising me and my sister. Now having 2 small children and running my own business I just don't know how she worked so hard and did such a great job of raising us.  When i'm having a tough day with the children or paperwork seems impossible I remind myself of how her hard work all paid off.  

What is the best piece of advice you've received? 

"If it was easy everyone would be doing it"

Who makes you laugh the most?

My husband, he is my rock. When the two of us get the giggles together (usually at the kids) thats it I'm off. 

Favourite time of day?

Brunch. Poached eggs and salmon on avo toast with pink salt is the ultimate.

Dessert island meal? 

Macaroni Cheese, with piles of black pepper. Anyone that knows me knows my love for macaroni cheese is real!

Best gift you've ever recieved?

My eyebrows, that treatment literally changed my life! I had them microbladed in 2015 and my thin, fair, unbalanced, fluffs transformed into bold, symmetrical brows which I love. 

The next place you want to visit? 

South America has always been the top destination on my list but I have never quite got there. 

The last thing you did for yourself?

An amazing infra red sauna session, so relaxing and I felt amazing afterwards. 

One vice you'll never give up? 


Your go to weekly meal you cook?

Lamb shepherds pie with sweet potato mash. 

Favourite coffee spot?

Sonoma Rose Bay. 

What brings you back down earth? 

The children. When I start daydreaming of sunset cocktails my two monkeys remind me of the reality of being a parent of 2 under 4. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  

I would like to have opened another ASPARA within Sydney and have 2 successful growing business's. 

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